Toowoomba floods
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- I live in town a and me and my mum where at home and like we whet gonna go shopping and we are glad we didn't cause we could have got stuck I it and btw to all those peeps who think none died about 40 did and 5% where toddlers Under the age of 4 25% where older than 14 and younger than 20.another 5% where peeps older than 20 and younger than 50 and the other 5% where older than 50 and younger than 100 so there u go
- how do you use a chopper designed to fly with 2 people and no winch, to rescue a roof full of people when the roof probably can't take the weight of the chopper? don't say "hover over and get one at a time" because lets face it, that's a very hard skill and what if they lost control! the people on roofs were safer than if the chopper tried to land and rescue them! the crews can radio for help and guide real rescuers to them. as much as i agree to help people, you gota be safe about it!
- They Should Have Used The Helicopters For The News To Help Could Have Saved Many More Lives
- @ 1:58 building looks like an amateur model of a car @ 2:17 thought the chopper was going down
- My ♥ goes out to all those affected If every Australian could just donate $10 it would be great and cancel the Australia Day fireworks shows there more money we could give to the cause Adelaide Australia
- @ParArdua LOL turn ur sound down then fool
- so sad at least procession can b replace but not the lives that were lost :(
- how sad for all the familes caught up in it.hope it all clears up soon
- Thanks Ch Ten. Self-explanatory and more powerful without an inane narration as they do on Nine..
- Mental!!....
- Fuck...
- :O shit thats strong
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