Toowoomba Flood 2011.01.10
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see also if you have some time, for example this.

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- interesting discussions especially for you
- Our teacher to,d us to watch this😐
- Hi Caitlin
- Wow!!!!!! This flood is insane!! 😮😮😮😮😮
- I like how the guy who saved his car was using an umbrella.  Zero fucks given!
- khiếp quá
- ghe qua
- Everyones driving even though they can clearly see it's flooding xD
- 1)
- If its flooded forget it!
- i would just run and save my car
- Check out this video on YouTube:
- I'm from a production company and we're interested in the footage you have. Would you please let me know your email address?
- how is this funny? how do you know there were no people in the cars? you such a pathetic "human being" laughing to this
- Just stick them in some rice, they'll be fine.
- Dava tempo de retirar os carros, se tivessem avisado os donos.
Filho da Puta quém tava gravando, e quem estava junto por não se preocupar em avisar
Filhos de uma grande puta!
Gave time to remove the cars, had warned the owners.
Son of a bitch who tava recording, and who was by not bothering to notify
Son of a bitch great!
- Children died in this flood.
- Hi fellow ERSC 1F01 badgers ;)
- That Was So Cool
- It's certainly a devastating floods !
- They are jerks for this they were laughing. You bitches
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