Toowoomba Bypass flyover
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- carra symonds, It's unfortunate that you aren't able to cope with progress and also that you somehow rationalise, quite unbelievably, that traffic accidents are going to be caused "due to confusion for people who don't know of these changes" when reality it is in fact the exact opposite. If freeway type road construction is going to create increased accident risk for any driver, then they shouldn't be driving on a roadway. Major infrastructure like this; improves road safety, reduces the accident fatality rates, increases productivity for road transport operators by improving trip times. It also lends itself to further increasing productivity by enabling 2 trailer road trains to run into a freight hub at Dinmore, (if the state government can ever get itself organised.) An enormous amount of freight from Brisbane, bound for Mt Isa, Darwin and places in between, is needlessly travelling via Toowoomba for no reason other than abysmal forward planning and procrastination at state and federal levels. This bypass has been touted for over 40yrs, yet all we have to show for it, is a cheesy simulation video! Bypassing Toowoomba would reduce traffic on James, Tor and Bridge Streets enormously, with the consequences being, a massive reduction in through traffic from Toowoomba residential streets, traffic which has no intention of stopping, which doesn't want or need to go through Toowoomba and a huge reduction in the risk of collisions. The intersection of Kitchener & James streets represents a major accident risk for traffic travelling in both directions in the wet and thick fog. As for your comment that state and federal governments spending a very small percentage of the enormous fuel tax we pay, on roads, that in your opinion "don't need fixing," have a think about your statement. This is project is a new piece of road, not fixing up existing roads. But, on the subject of existing roads near Toowoomba, you don't need to go too far. Try taking a drive from the intersection of Boundary Street & Warrego Hwy in Toowoomba to the Oakey turn off and back. A disgracefully under maintained road if ever I saw one! It's just one piece of road which is literally falling apart due to the volume of traffic it carries, which would be partially bypassed. It's such a shame the planned bypass doesn't rejoin the Warrego Hwy west of the Oakey Meatworks, which would be far more logical A major flaw with this video, is the bizarre insertion of a traffic light controlled intersection where the bypass meets the Warrego Highway to the West of Toowoomba near Charlton.   
- To my honest opinion, that would be more wast of money, the government says we have no money but yet you's spend it on roads that aren't in need of any fixing what so ever, also adding in roads to "save time" does nothing to save time at all.With results of new roads being built it's causing more accidents on the high way due to confusion for people who don't know of these changes.
- Any road that bypasses inbred capital of qld is alright by me.Terrible filled with terrible people.
- We could've easily had this by now, building starting in early 2000s. My husband even did a thesis on it for his degrees at USQ because it was in the wind then, discussion, yays and nays. Obvious the nays won. And they're still fussing about it over a decade later. Tba Council sucks, all they're interested in is in-house bickering. Now there's an accident this morning at the Ruthven/James St intersection, serious injuries. Why am I not surprised? I go that way often and I sit there at the lights watching huge semis roar through less than 1km from the CBD, wondering what it would be like if a tanker blew up, or some little car like mine got swiped turning at the green arrow. It's like a bloody freeway instead of a road through the centre of town. It has happened at the West/James Sts intersections. And what with range closures and them hacking half the mt away after the 2011 floods... what next?!?
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