The Overland Track, Tasmania Australia (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
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see also if you have some time, for example this.

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- interesting discussions especially for you
- please don't 
whack the wombats..
- Some day I wanna do this!!!!!!!!!
- Thanks Trist!
- Great job uncle damo
- I want to go and see a thylacine ghost! :D
- Go through the bog holes? There are plenty of occasions where that 'rule' will put you in knee deep and risk injury. True, there is a reason to encourage people to stick to the path to prevent the track getting wider with time as people 'bush bash' (as you Australians seem to say), but how about spending 10 seconds elaborating on this and giving people a tip or two on judging the risks of this brave 'straight down the middle' approach? Especially given the 'novice audience' tone of the video.
- I'm going to be in Australia in January. And I'll be there for 2 months. I'll probably end up in Tasmania by the end of the 2nd month and I really want to trek the Overland Track but I've had no experience in trekking. I think I'm going to start doing camping and trekking in my own country before coming. I can't wait!!! Such beauty!
- Also, consider who you're walking with. Walk with people of comparable fitness to avoid confrontations during the walk. People have a very different idea of pace. Do a team practice walk. If you are walking with a thighs-of-steel fitness fanatic, you are going to find it very challenging to carry 17-20 kilos at their pace. And if you can't keep up with them, they are going to get very cold, tired and frustrated if they have to stand around waiting for you in a rain storm for 2-3 hours. Enjoy!
- This video is excellent for learning the 'rules' of trekking the Overland Track. However, in terms of what you are actually taking on, it's a little *twee*. If you want to understand what walking the Overland Track really means, watch something a little less OFFICIAL. It's no walk in the park. But it is an incredible journey. You should definitely consider it if you have the means: the equipment, the enthusiasm, the vigour, and the love of a multi-day trek.
- Thanks for Sharing - the Overland Track is such a beautiful part of this world.
- Great time of year to do it!
- Hey this is fantastic. Doing the track in December/January, thanks for posting.
- wideofilmowanie, please share with us?