TasmaniaWithTom: Tasmania CB1300 Adventure Part 2 of 5!
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- "Any fresh fruit or veggies?"
"Nope, just this bag of fresh fruit and veggies!" XD XD
- whew, is that someone on an RC51? After being on mine for an hour I could barely walk.
- wonder what happened to the scooter hoon, he just disappeared of the face of the earth
- I live in bridport in the north east should of come up :(!
- Not bad? You know what CB stands for?! It stands for "better than yours"!!
- this is good
- "Make the gap!" love it.
- You drove right past my school!!!
- Omg i live in that town
- I live in tas
- 8:23 starts sing and I started to cry out laughing. Thanks Tom
- good....very nice vid
- hum if tom finds it cold in tasmania he should go 2 the lovely UK
- Is it possible for an American to buy a wallaby and ship it to america
- How much did u buy that bike for?
- What is the bike on the right at 13:30?
- someone stole your BMW or your ninja still
- I hear you have a green undies fetish now after your boat trip.
Were they Kawasaki green?
- Living the dream 
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