Tasmania: Timid Devils and Ghost Tigers (full documentary)
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- It's so eerie seeing footage of an animal that likely doesn't exist anymore. It's a shame that people were so inconsiderate of their actions till it was too late.
- I have to object to the information presented about the interaction between dingoes and ThylacInes.  You have the story partly true.  The Thylacine was hunted by dingoes but only on the mainland where it was once also widespread.  However, dingoes never made it to Tasmania because the land bridge between Tasmania and mainland Australia was already under water when they first appeared from Asia a few thousand years ago and Tasmania has been physically isolated by Bass Strait since the end of the last ice age, roughly 12,000 years ago.  It therefore follows that the Aboriginal peoples in Tasmania did not 'bring their companions' with them to contribute to the extinction of the Thylacine, because they didn't have dogs until the Europeans imported them. 
Your announcer often confused occurrences and facts about mainland Australia as being true of Tasmania, too.  For instance we don't have 'vast plains and endless straight roads' in Tasmania to provide road kill for the scavengers (the short winding roads here do that anyway); and the video of, and information about, the Dingo would have come from, most probably, Fraser Island, in Queensland and does not apply to Tasmanian conditions at all.
I don't know when this was made, but I'm disappointed that no mention was made of the fact that an estimated 95% of Tassie Devils in the wild have died in the last ten years because of a unique highly contagious facial cancer, and that they are now listed as a threatened species.  Read more here: http://www.tassiedevil.com.au/tasdevil.nsf/TheDisease/BD2717C762779EE8CA2576F1001D0110

I had to laugh at some of the mispronunciations, especially for the Bettong; it's BETTong not BEE tong.
The brightly coloured 'cockatoo' at the beginning of the film is actually a Rosella.
Why did you feel that you needed to tell us that the sperm of the Tassie Devil is enormous? 
I grinned most of the way through, mainly because of the errors and the pretentious voice of the announcer.  However, I did really enjoy the information about the connection of the island to Antarctica and South America.
- Lovely documentary! I like all these species and I'm saddened for the extinction of the tigers.
- Actually Tasmania is a part of the Australian continent and a state of Australia, and has never been separated from it - separated from the mainland of Australia maybe, but not the "continent". And there are marsupials all through Australia, not just Tasmania. The isolation prevented desertification??..... lol Amazing place but there are errors all through this doco ...
I know.... I live there ;-)
- Amazing.  Thanks for informing me of the wonders of Tasmania!
- And as I watch this doctumentary I'm amazed at the amount of errors in the information ..... Tasmanian devils are very efficient hunters 
- I am from Tasmania! I love my island home!
- am I the only one who recognize soundtrack from Heroes 3 ?
- Management
- i didnt know there was a large area of woodland reserved just in case the thylacine is not extinct after all, that's awesome.
- Para la cumunidad del mundo animal 
- Un gran documental, maravilloso, observar la naturaleza es el mejor regalo de hoy, y el mejor motivo para iniciar un día. Gracias.
- I don't why ppl this like this 
- I don't why ppl this like this 
- belissimo! :)
- അതിമനോഹരമാണ്
(Tasmania-Timid Devils & Ghost Tigers)
- buen documental
- serwis laptopow lublin, please share with us?