Tasmania - Paradise at the End of the World - The Secrets of Nature
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- Wonderful doci, It's a pity not one mention was made about the indigenous peoples of the island The Truganini who just like so many aboriginals were wiped out through disease and of course war. Celebrating mining and hardwork?, cutting down indigenous forests, its a beautiful place, I hope it remains that way. Perhaps a documentary about the Truganini  people who lived there before the prisoners and Europeans. Give them a voice for they had knowledge that industrialists ignored and still do. Love each other!!!
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- language please
- I am visiting Tassie for two months in June and July 2015.........I want to find out for myself just what the tourism and retirement haven hype is really all about.
More later !
- Good show; but don't like all the commerical's you have.
- 17:45 Maybe the wombat wouldn't bite him if he didn't lock it up.
- Tasmania - Paradise at the End of the World - The Secrets of Nature
It was only two hundred years ago that Tasmania was a British colony known as Van Diemens Land -- and so remote that its only use was as a penal settlement for the most hardened criminals. Times have definitely changed, yet that remote untamed island of history is never far away.

Today Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is a bustling modern city and busy port. Mount Wellington rises straight out of the city to more than 1200 metres. It's possible-- in just a little over half an hour - to drive from a city centre restaurant to a wilderness where you could freeze to death. Even in summer snow can fall here. To the people of Hobart, this place is simply The Mountain - a finger of a vast and trackless wilderness pointing right at the heart of the city -- so it's not surprising that Tasmania's wild heritage plays a central role in the lives of the island's human inhabitants.
- The bludgers are all on welfare..............
- I am fortunate to live in this beautiful Island state
- Tasmania is a land that I have always wanted to visit.  These videos allow me to do that in part.  This goes on my "Nature & Evolution" YouTube Playlist.
- NZ was never part of gondwana, its a volcanic landmass, it sits on no continent.
- 5:00 showing tasmania's extraordinary wealth, a term of understanding that 1st world people are completely disconnected from and happily assign man made monetary value too.
- loving your documentaries but is 8 adds in 50mins necessary? It really spoils the flow of the documentary itself not to mention chews a lot of extra download
- When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money
-Alanis Obomsawin
- hei, New Zealand is further to the end of the world :)
- Nice programme but a bit slow moving.
- Awesome !!!!
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