Tasmania, Australia
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see also if you have some time, for example this.

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- interesting discussions especially for you
- 6 Nights in our beautiful state. Not Enough
- Lovely video, I have some good travel videos too. Could you please take a look at them. I would like your feedback. 
- Thanks Tim. It is where I live. Nicely done, sir.
- Like i was there......thx tim...GBU
- it can, and sometimes snows at Mt Wellington (6:20) in 'summer' :-)
- Great video. At 1:26 you missed out the r in the word aerodrome. ;)
- I love Australia. Can't wait to return later this year.
- (imo) the greatest place in the world, shown by Hoosier Tim.
- I continue to post some of my early videos. This one is from my six night stay in the Australian state of Tasmania. Note: these are before I began shooting in HD and also before I knew what I was doing. I improved my technique a bit since back then.

A notice was sent out a few days ago about my 2008 Mediterranean Cruise video which ended up being removed a couple times due to YouTube errors. It's finally up and loacted at http://youtu.be/ZZisI-IgNAc.
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