Tasmania, Australia in HD
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- Fantastic! I can't wait to go there!
- awesome~~~!!
the music is annoying though..
- The breathtaking beauty of Tasmania, Australia.
- heh I love it when it rains in Tasmania, everything becomes really pretty :p
- thank you for filming such an amazing video<3
- I'm from Tasmania :)
- תודה רבה
- Tasmania, Australia in HD - YouTube http://ow.ly/HQ8Wo
- I recon tasmania should be its own nation. It is an unique place and quite different to the mainland.
Tasmania this is your chance to get out of the stereotype of Australia; dumb, drunk and racist. Create a new history, a new image.
- someday I'm going to live in Tasmania... I hope, really hope for it
- WHERE! Is the waterfall at 2 minutes 48 sec??!  I am going to Tasmania in February and I would LOVE to see this place. 
- The spectacular natural beauty of the apple isle of Tasmania.
- The spectacular natural beauty of the apple isle of Tasmania.
- As an American, I do not see the value of natural beauty. Where are the golf courses, the pollution and garbage, the Wal-Marts, angry ignorant people and the beautiful gas stations?
- Wild Tasmania
- Good work , but would you be able to add place names ?
- gave me shivers great vid!!!!!!!!!
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