Ross Noble - Toowoomba
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- Terrible town, terrible people
- Ross has such smooth dances xD for a disco ninja
- toowoomba yeah baby
- Not Toowoomba, to Umbar, the great evil port in middle earth!
- RSPCA = Ross Secretly puts cock in animals d
- Only Ross Noble can get away with hypnotizing a polar bear bag.
- Dolphins are mammals, of course they have tits. They're just.. streamlined.
- obviously any fat people watching this were far too intimidated to dislike it
- i was at this live , it was so great :)
- @zhuan82 no worries mate
- @dp2pl8 you are awesome, thanks!
- @zhuan82 "Tequila" is where the melody is from.
- what's the song that he's singing?
- Does Ross not watch LOST? Polar bears and spinal surgeons don't mix!!!
- 100th like!
- @SpawnofHastur holy shit really?
- He's gonna be back here April the 13th, Empire Theatre. FUCK YEAH.
- It's so AWESOME, i've performed on this same stage more than 20 times, it's a strange feeling....
- This so cool I only live one town away from woomba, not that anyone cares, HOW THE F**K DID I MISS THIS ARRGGGHHHH!!!!
- "Fat fucking families" I hate to say it but I agree with ross I hate those people
- you have a different opinion, please share with us?