Olm Dog featuring Mallory Vanetti- TOOWOOMBA STATE OF MIND
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- Hi Lachlan, How have you been? Hope your well. Just letting you know we still have classes available for you to attend to help your "rhyming" "timing" and "speech" Hope to see you at Toowoomba special school soon...and don't worry you'll fit right in! Kind Regards TSS
- yeah boi, dope
- Haha this song is epic
- That's fucking baller. I love this song. Tbar reprazent karrnts.
- Lyrics please
- lol so true.
- So much real life
- Tbar reppin'
- Dancing next to Pumba :')
- That is fucken sweet, Lots of work. Well done
- fucken love it
- This is fucking great dude
- Haha, That's awesome (love) totally got my point of veiw
- Youre fuckin right man, pretty sure i've never been out one night in this fuckin shit cunt town without some fuckwit with his mini mohawk trying to start fights.
- Haha this is sick! nick work bro, creative... Fuck the skaterz and CFM Haha!
- Haha, mad song bloke. Send a copy to 4DDB I'll play it for ya. - Out of the Woods c/- 102.7 fm PO Box 400 Toowoomba, QLD 4350
- well done lachy. very funny
- We even got phones too is what it really is olm lol!! :) You think you know toowoomba yeah we small .... etc... :) Sorry my diction is BAD!!! I always got into trouble at uni for bad diction lol!!! :)
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