How to find Gemstones in Tasmania | Liz Kreate
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- its gourgous thats what i want to do this is what makes me happy iv had many  pain in my life divorce left with nothing and i still have my life and see my kids me and my son want to camp and hunt for stones and gold etc crystals im so exited to do this my sons friedn commited suicide 9 months ago and he and i suffer alot of grief i think this is what we need please  help liz tell me were to find places in nsw to go and get these things Thank you
- Thank u Liz !
- Song title is TOUCHPOINT.
- Nice video and I like that song on this video.Need its name !
- I wouldn't really know as we live/prospect in Australia. But in saying that, i had a quick look online and found that California has a lot of gems, gold and minerals. There's also a few Mines that are operating and will take people to prospect for gems, minerals and gold. If you do your research, I'm sure you'll be able to find some locations that are open to the public. Good luck and All the best, Liz
- Would you know if any precious or semi precious stones/minerals could be found in California, USA?
- Thank you so much!
- I've cut the stones myself except for the small sapphires. If you just want some stones cut, i suggest check out Lambert Industries or Americans in Bangkok online. They charge around $2 or $3 per carat. But if you want a perfectly cut stone, then may i suggest you find some good cutters near you. They charge more from $20 and up per carat. A good gemstones value can decrease dramatically if cut poorly.
- hi, may I know where did you get those stones cut? How much is the cutting fee?
- This video is of the Public fossicking area at Weld River, between Mathinna and Manganna....coming from Derby.
- My dad has heaps of stones. Not all from Tassie but.. Try Mathinna Manganna Derby All those sorts of mining towns! :)
- Yes there is money in those fingernail size gems especially if they're sapphire. A fingernail size sapphire can weigh from 5 to 10 carats. In the cornflower blue color, they can fetch as much as $300/ct.Semi precious stones like garnets, zircons, amethyst can fetch over AU $20/ct.These prices can be much higher with large stones.Opals can fetch anywhere from $50/ct. to as much as $1000/ct.for top quality stones.The people who buy stones vary from jewelers to wire wrap artists to gem collectors.
- Thanx for yet another outing. Pretty stones and beautiful cuts!.... Leigh
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