HMAS TOOWOOMBA - "Barbra Streisand"
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- interesting pozycjonowanie
- Good bunch of funny peeps, remember this is for fun, if they go black, they will end you.
- This is where our $32,000,000,000 a year goes to. I wonder what the boat people think when these people pull them up and they are all dancing and waving around machine guns....????
- Great stuff...did x2 of those 6-9 month trips back in the early 2000's but  didn't have youtube or facebook back then to make it look fun.....keeping em coming. The Kelic Med is really busting some hot moves
- girl at 1:18 is hot
- cant tell if goal food is goal or jail food.
- HMAS TOOWOOMBA - "Barbra Streisand":
- This will motivate Australians to join their Navy! 
- omg THis is soo funny
- Hey guys, as an ex Steel cat and Green Ghost stoker...............funk is cool but the nerd side tends to be overwhelming. This is gosh. Did I mention NERDS?
- i thought people in the defence force were supposed to be fit? majority are overweight
- love the hot medical officer, i think i would constantly be sick :)
- dont do dat navy das gay
- You guys do realise that the Americans do these sorts of things a crap load more
- What the aus navy do is great don't bag them 
- Asi da gusto trabajar 
- its easy to do retarded shit like this when you have a soft job like the puss
- yeah he name changed a while ago I think. pretty sure its that ahmet zogu guy. wanted to change my name bloody ages ago but it just dosnt work when I do haha
- small world. haha i havent sent him counter hate mail in like 2 years.
- haha pretty much
- is your name the way it is because of albainian terminator?
- you have a different opinion, please share with us?