Heavy Haulage Australia - Toowoomba Range
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- Listen to dat v8 roar
- You dont need a tow truck that MACK is a man! 
- That prado driver is an idiot. what kind of person does that. 0:36.
- g'day texast525, do ya need an on board traffic controller lol!! i woulda stopped that prick in the 4b with the trailer comin through.
- Yes, I see your point concerning the heat factor - I recall just a couple of times when were driving restrictions cause of the heat and crumbling asphalt, 'twas abroad. Up here, on the Arctic Circle are different problems in terms of the road foundations coz of the ground frost. The foundations to be used i.e. in the middle Europe don't work up here at all.
- First right hander of the ascent would've stopped that combo had they not hired the second tow! Weight+Torque+turning twists= wheelspin= Range closed!! HHA wldnt bugger that shit up just look how they roll them boys are PIMPIN!!!!
- dipshit in the jeep
- @GTRFireMan Are Mack's (if somewhat a new V8) ca. 620hp and 2780Nm/2050 ft-lbf kind of special? It isn't that much really, even my 8-axle modular FH gives those numbers and it is not even the strongest Volvo without talking about the Scania's torque monster. Btw, 150t/330693lbs GVW should move with ease by a single truck if uphills are as on this vid - maybe there were steeper points, but these trucks have no reduction hubs etc.etc. who knows..
- Gotta love Prado drivers! There all mad!
- Anyone thinks that the Mack broke down must be deaf lol, no offense I heard the V8 working hard all the way uphill and the Volvo? Rarely heard the engine sound lol, due to the Bulldog. Volvo ain't that strong to pull both loads.
- @texast525 was that truck broken down. and tow truck pulling it? oir did tow truck have it so steering tyres were in the air. but the axles were on ground to pull hte load in combination wiht tow truck?
- oh C'mon i have seen your superliner in action, she could of hauled that up by her self no probs. hats off to your team you have a really nice fleet of rigs mate.
- that dude in the rav 4 with his little trailer,what an idiot.there is allways one
- Even here in Kansas we would call that STUPID IN A NO STUPID ZONE! We have seen around the harvest time with all the combines and everything that it can get UGLY with some of those people who just can't wait until they reach a clear area to pass.
- There's always some hero in his big 4WD.
- @daewooparts actually its got the original mack V8 in it.
- what year model is your dawg??? nice truck
- @hwoods01 you only saw the top 200mtrs of this hill. the 'toowoomba range' is a long, VERY steep ascent and a sharp twisty road. two engines definitely required.
- should of squashed that wanker that came up the inside in the car and trailer.
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