Australia: Travels in Tasmania
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- So excellent! Where next on your journey plan?
- People are so stupid the tassie tiger is not extinct 
- My home
- Ty the tasmanian tiger brought me here :D
- Great video!
- 2:10 sjöbo marknad
- I love Tasmania and I want to live on it forever
- stayed in ross have a picture of the bridge amazing
- Unbelievable beauty
- Im going to Tassie and Bruny Island tomorrow ! Yay :)
- Excellent. I have just sent this to one of my favourite Americans. 
- Tasmania will for ever be in my heart as I had the most special time there . I seen things I could never see anywhere in the world . Launceston is a beautiful place ..East coast of Tasmania , from north to south is way to go . Best time to see Tasmania is in winter ..
- might be living here soon.....yay
- Absolutely loved it.... Keep up the good work!! ...Right on this moment I have decided that I am most definitely travelling to Tasmania, in fact, any time sooner at furthest right before the Christmas Holiday.
- omg i am in love with tasmania.
- Now I want to move to Tasmania, who would have thought.
- Thats a good video, Tasmania is very beautiful
- This is the best information video I have seen on Tasmania.  When we moved here we lived 2 hours south of Hobart then moved to Staverton (near Sheffield) and finally settled here just outside of Devonport near Forth.
- you have a different opinion, please share with us?