Around Tasmania - A 4x4 Adventure January 2015
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- Nice video.. exelent mix of filming offroading and the scenary
- We have to admire nature or the 4x4?
- Great video!! Thanks for sharing
- woooowwwwww amazing waterfalls  30 to 33
- Really enjoyed the footage. Was your clutch cylinder problem due to this trip?
- wow that turn near the waterfall looked REALLY hairy! is that the bridge bypass?
- The rangers were probably worried about the affects on the environment having three leaking engines sitting around!
- Music sounds like a bloody ice cream truck. Had to,shut it off. 
- Go the Land Rover!
- Une Part D'Aventure En Vous ? C'est Maintenant sur ce partage !
- Funny looking in the LR engine bay and seeing a BMW coolant overflow tank :)
- very interest
- Fantastic video guys. Looking to do a similar trip next year. What time of year were you guys there? Looks cold!
- it
- good to see discovery keeping up, i thought they were soft.
until now.
- G'day ...Real nice video but that was a Tasmanian Tiger snake , not a copperhead..I see lots of them as I live in Tassie...Cheers  Rod...
- Great video, but the snake at 3:53 is a Tiger snake not a Lowland Copper head :)
- Live in tassie <3
- very cool! Chicago!
- you have a different opinion, please share with us?