Amanda Palmer - Map Of Tasmania
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- interesting discussions especially for you
- im confused o.o i thought she was singing in african for a second XD
- How does this not have more views????
- Is it weird that this is my breakup song 
- So what is this song about?
- God, I love all the smiles and from everyone.They are having so much fun with this song c:
- Good old Amanda Fucking Palmer... 
- I've never heard a catchier song about pubic hair in my life... I love it.
- Seriously, anyone who doesn't like this song: don't come near me.
- Oh my a resident of Tasmania, I can honestly say we here are very proud that Ms Palmer has helped put Tasmania on the Map ;)  
- Some girls want no shape and they shave it all
That's so whacky, hurts with the stubble
Walking round, look like an eight year old

I say grow that shit like a jungle
Give 'em something strong to hold onto
Let it fly in the open wind
If it get too bushy you can trim
- I love how dynamic and feel-good this song is. =]
- 💕
- what the shit did i just watch 
- LOL - Love it!
- Amanda Palmer - Map Of Tasmania.
- Love this song....she is awesome!!!!!!
- she looks so proud at the end! XD she's my hero <3
- classic, or something
- Omfg I died laughing xD also! seriously, she did it for fun! come on guys, she's awesome and has a great sense of humor c:. In one of her interviews they asked her where the idea for this song came from, and she said that one of her friends explained what "map of tasmania" was, and she said it'd be fun to make a song of it. So yeah, awkwardly hilarious! hah
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