A drive through Launceston - Tasmania
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- Except for driving on the wrong side of the road, this looks like Anytown, USA. Even the businesses are American: Xerox, Goodyear, Dominos, Coca Cola, Target, Staples, etc. It's like Twilight Zone. One day you wake up, go outside, everything looks the same. Except everyone's driving on the wrong side of the road. Well, almost everyone. The one black car at 13:23 forgot about the elaborate hoax and was momentarily driving on the right side of the road. Then he realized and quickly switched to the wrong side. A glitch in the Matrix perhaps?
- This is informative and the best travel video for its realism
- You're playing "Bouqet Final" by Yelle in the beginning! I love Yelle!!!
- good video MrHelidude   did you use a car camera????
- I just caught up with this, Nara.  It looks a very pleasant and interesting city, although rather old-fashioned - all those rows of shops in the city centre especially.  Here, most of the shops are in a few big malls, which is boring as they're all the same.  A commentary would have been good, so maybe next time!? 
- A very nice Day
- Very cool video with some really interesting looking buildings. It feels very different to me driving on the other side of the road.  If I would have been driving we would have probly had an accident before we got home :-o 
Thumbs up and Take care :-)
- It was a pretty long ride :)
Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!
Happy new week
- Amigo Nara: muy bonita y agradable su Ciudad de Launceston, al menos ya la conocí por medio de su video. Me gustó mucho, Saludos desde México y gracias por compartir.- !!! :D
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